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Welcome to Sauced Up Smokers!

We are a small company out of Southern Illinois. We’ve done some BBQ competitions and do catering and concessions, we realized that the standard off the shelf sauces and rubs just weren’t cutting it. So we developed our own blend of BBQ sauces and dry rub. We currently have 3 types of sauces and one Dry Rub, our sauces are bottled professionally and locally in small kettle cooked batches.

Featured products
Picture of Roadhouse BBQ Sauce

Roadhouse BBQ Sauce

Sweet and Tangy bbq sauce
Picture of Macho Mustard Sauce

Macho Mustard Sauce

Mustard based sauce with a little kick. Great as a marinade or basting sauce. Use it on brisket, salmon, chicken, brats or anywhere you use regular mustard.
Picture of Firehouse BBQ Sauce

Firehouse BBQ Sauce

Hot and Spicy BBQ Sauce
Picture of Ninja Dust

Ninja Dust

An all purpose seasoning and dry rub. Compliments beef, pork, chicken, ribs, and all meats. Also great as a seasoning on fries, eggs, corn on the cob, seafood, baked potatoes, etc...